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3/8/2009 Maui, Hawaii

Kapalua Resort Trails

John and I explored some beautiful and free hikes on Kapaulua's resort. While we hiked almost all of the trails, the Maunalei Aboretum and the Mahana Trails were by far my favorite. 

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The resort provides a shuttle to and from the Maunalei Trail head. We made the most of this service and in hindsight realized we took the easiest route in doing so. 

I believe this section is actually called the Honolua Ridge Trail. 

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Upon first entering the trail, I felt like I was in a scene for "Lord of the Rings". I kept waiting for the trees to start walking alongside us. 

Tree! I am no Tree! I am an Ent!
- Tree Beard

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John on the other hand saw a ride. Weee!
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This tree has smoother skin that me. 
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 A little sign to keep us on track. The Pu'u Ka'eo lookout is..... either way. A cute little circle trail right on the summit.
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We have reached the top and end of the Maunalei Trail. What a sight. At this point we had to make a decision. Either turn around now and walk the mile or so back to the Trail head whereupon the shuttle will return us to the parking lot or 
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hike the Mahana Trail for 6-miles to return. 6-miles it is.
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I am so glad we did it. 
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We crossed streams. 
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Viewed many spectacular trees. 
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Walk around the Pine Loop Trail.
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Hugged a tree!
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Absorbed many beautiful colors and sounds. 
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Gazed in awe at the root systems. 
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I love greenery and this trail gave me plenty of it.
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Time for the Pineapple Loop!
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Pineapples where are you? We looked up, down 
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and all around. 
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John spotted one first. These are remnants from the land's Pineapple Plantation days.
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The resort is sharing a bounty of beauty by creating this network of trails. 
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These Pine Trees had finer needles than the ones in the Pine Loop section. 
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Steps for our descending pleasure. 
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The trail is starting to wrap up. 
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Onto a wide country road we go.
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The red star indicates the area we hiked.
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